Here I am, cruising at an Altitude of 38000 ft, speed of 438 knots through the air 400 over the ground, this is were I spend 50% of my working day.

We just departed from Berlin Schonefeld, flying overhead the Netherlands at the moment. I look through the window and see the lights of the towns that are so familiar to me, the town I grew up in, the town I studied, the town I worked. And I wander what is going on below me. What are the people can call this home doing? One might just have finished work, on their way back home. While someone else cooking dinner.  And somebody else might force themselves to the gym because it’s newyear now, and he promissed himself to be good this year… I think about the time that I was there, on the ground, looking at the planes passing over me. And I could only dream of the view that I have now. I drown in my thoughts and before I know it the only thing I see out of the window is sea.. the Netherlands is already behind me.. 12 minutes, thats all it took to cross it.

Only 45 minutes now untill we are back on the ground in the UK, the place I have lived for almost a year now, and starts to feel more and more like a home to me. Of course I miss my friends and family in The netherlands but these days it’s so easy to catch a flight and get home. This is my first post in my flying diary, I absolutely love flying and I would like to share my stories and experiences with you so you may fall in love with this job as well. Especcially to all the girls out there! Because there is still way more men doing this, and we are equally capable (if not more) than those guys! So if you are, or somebody you know is striving, ambitious, likes technical stuff and loves to travel. Read my stories and maybe you will get inspired!

Speak to you soon!


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