Make Your Own Rosewater!

Make Your Own Rosewater!

Still looking at you valentines roses, don’t wanting to throw them away? Why not give them a second life and make them into a concentrated rosewater!? There is a couple ways you could do this, one of them is by just pouring the rose petals in a pan with some water, boil and drain the water. This is the easy way, but especially if you are using old roses, this is not gonna give you much flavour, only a lot of colour.

So what I did is boil the rose petals in water in catch the condensed drops in a separate bowl. It only takes half an hour and no special equipment in needed. So you don’t have any reason to throw those beautiful roses in the bin anymore.


Put the rose petals in a pan, make a hole in the middle and put a small bowl in this hole.

Add something heavy to the bowl so it won’t start floating in the water.

On top of the small bowl, put another bowl to catch the condensated water in.

Then add water in the pan so that the rosepaddels are just covered with water

Bring to a boil on medium heat and wait untill the rosepaddles become soft and starting to loose its color, then put the lit upside down on the pan. And let the condensation begin!

Tip: to help the condensation proces, add a couple icecubes on the lid. This will cool the lid and.  And helps water droplets being formed from the condens.

Let boil for about half an hour and you are left with a beautiful rosewater.

Effectively you are left with both of the types of rosewater now. The condensated one, which is a nice soft, clear rosefragent water. And if you drain the water where your rosepaddles have been boiling in. You got a strong colorred, bitter, roseflavoured water. You can throw the second one away but I keep it as use it as foodcolouring with a special taste 🙂


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