The West Highland Line, The Train From Glasgow To Mallaig

The West Highland Line, The Train From Glasgow To Mallaig

A highly famous and amazing daytrip from Glasgow is the West Highland Line train going to Mallaig. It is recognised as being one of the world’s best train journey’s, and I can absolutely see why. So if you have got the time, this train is a must do when in Schotland.

There are a couple options on this trip. You can either do it in a day with the normal scotrail train, or sleep the night in fort william so you can take the Jacobite (harry potter steam train) from Fort William to Mallaig. To be honest, I wouldn’t particularly recommend you to take the Jacobite. As it is very expensive and it just travels on the same rail as the normal train, which is much cheaper. And of course the Jacobite looks really cool from the outside, but from the inside it is just a regular train and the only Harry Potter experience you get is the little souvenir trolley with which they pass trough the train. So to be honest, I don't think this ways up agains the costs...

Another tip, if you want to take a train in the UK, book your trip via the internet in advance. I understand if you would want to book this traintrip lastminute, as that's the only way that you can guarantee the weather will be good. But these days, the weather predictions are pretty accurate at least a week in advance. So try and book you tickets earlier rather than later as it can save you up to 80%!

Then one last tip from me, take the train to Morar instead of Mallaig. The train is famous to go from Glasgow to Mallaig, but Mallaig itself is nothing special at all. Just a tiny harborvillage with a lot of tourists. You can have a good fish and chips here, but for the rest it’s not really worth going. So why dont go out at Morar, one trainstation before Mallaig. The village itself is nothing special, but just a short walk from the trainstation and you will get to the most amazing white beaches. Beaches like you will expect to find in the Carribean! And the great thing about them is, is that nobody seems to know about them. I took this train two weeks ago, when the weather was absolutey stunning (what never happens in Scotland), the train was packed with people, but I was the only one going of at Morar and I had the beaches all for myself…. it was just amazing.

The train leaves from Glasgow Queenstreet at 08.21 in the morning, be carefull because part of the train is going to Oban and the other part is for Mallaig. When in the train I would recommend sitting on the right hand side of the train. The first hour of the journey will be better from the left hand side, but after that, the right hand side is the place to be.

I think I made about 1000 pictures that day, as every view was stunning and worth taking one. So it’s about time I will show you some of them :).

After having been in the train for 5 hours, you arrive in Morar. When getting out of the train you have to take the path on the right hand side of the local hotel opposite to the trainstation, and follow this path to the main road. Then walk along the main road for about 10 minutes untill you get to a private road on your left. Follow this road and walk over a little bridge  in between two houses and then just walk along the coastline to get to some of the most amazing white, sandy beaches! And the best thing is, even on a sunny day, apart from a local every other hour walking his dog, you won't see anyone and can enjoy this natures beauty all by youself.

What did I tell you? Doesn't it look amazing? Don't you want to go here too? Well I would say, go and do it! If you think 5 hours is a bit much to be in a train? That's what I thought as well, so I brought my laptop, Ipad, everything with me, but at the end of the day. I didn't use them one minute because I was too busy looking out the window... 


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